Teen Stress

Teen Stress

Teenage is a period of time when the child attains a sense of maturity, responsibility, freedom, goal accomplishment and develop personal, social, emotional skills which help them in their overall development. The life of a teenager changes daily.

It is not a surprise if your teen ward suddenly starts arguing with you for his or her freedom, disagree with your viewpoint, exhibit some awkward behavior or not responding to you in an appropriate way as you expect. If it is really happening at your home then it can be the sign of TEEN STRESS.


                            Teen stress

         Undefined, Unexplainable, Misunderstood, Illusionary

Stress is nothing like a disorder it is a state of condition where our body responds to any demanding or threatening situation. The definition of stress can vary individual to individual as well as the impact of stress on them. Everyone feels stress at some point in their life, and teenagers are not an exception.

Stress can be reduced by various techniques but somehow if overlooked it can turn into any kind of disorder. Therefore it is very important to find the root cause of stress. The stress can be reduced at the right time by effective strategies. There can be several reasons for teenagers to get stress. If I can list up some, I am sure more that could be listed.

A Teenager can face both Internal and External Stress

Somehow we now know that the stress is a respond of our body to any threatening situation. A stress can deteriorate one’s health and can affect a Teen so badly in their life. Ultimately stress can affect their overall development it can be physical emotional or social development.

Some stress has Internal factors while some stress is caused by external factors. Finally, we can say that stress is a combination of these two. There are many external or internal sources of stress which can be the root cause for the stress in teenagers.


As we discussed above Stress can be caused by internal factors like negative thinking process, mind conflict, hidden secrets, fake identity, illusionary world, lack of confidence over conscience personality, over maturity level, personal conflict within oneself as well as external stress factors like academic stress, peer group pressure, family discords, significant life changes, unhealthy lifestyle, social stress , traumatic events.

If we compare  internal and external causes of stress then I must say that the internal factors of stress are somehow more dangerous than the external ones as we can easily make out the problems arising due to external factors as they are visible and more exhibited but the internal stress is somehow more difficult to identify because they can destroy the inner self.

Both internal and external factors leading to stress can result in bad health as well as other serious behavioural problems in teenagers.

Sign and Symptoms of Stress in Teenagers

Sign and symptoms of stress can be seen in teenagers arising due to some hormonal or biological factors or some psychological factors. Both these factors can cause deterioration in the physical and mental health of a teenager. A severe or constant stress level can result in various changes in teens. Some of the prominent changes are highlighted below:

  • Emotional changes can lead to anxious-depressed, oversensitive, unbalanced behavior in a teenager.
  • Cognitive changes can lead to concentration problems, unstable thinking process, irrelevant illogical ideas.
  • Behavioral changes can lead to inappropriate confused attitude, eating, and sleeping habits, Unwanted response, misconduct.
  • Physical changes can lead illusionary stomaches, headaches, faulty aches and pains.
  • Social changes can lead to less interaction, low speaking skills, unhealthy relationships.
  • Spiritual changes can lead to non-religious activities, less belief in God and stay away from the spiritual path.

Our website majorly focusses on or highlights two major reasons or aspects specifically teen fights with the parents and Teen personal relationships leading to severe stress which can deteriorate overall health and wellbeing and hinder with the physical, social, emotional development of a teenager.

Why do the teenagers fight with parents?

Teenagers are nowadays so heated up in the arguments with the parents. The frequent arguments can result in severe teen stress. There are several reasons why teenagers and parents often find themselves fighting and at odds with each other. Mostly the conflict happens due to the generation gap, the difference in mentality. I am sure there are more that could be listed.

1.Choice of friends

Parents are very keen on the choice of friendship their teen use to keep. With lots of clashes they somehow agree with their choice but still, doubts always exist in their mind. They may not approve of the looks, race, or lifestyle of some of your friends. The reason behind is that they may fear that your friends are a bad influence on you and will drag you down.

2.School and Grades

Many teenagers find themselves in conflict over the school. Fights over grades, homework, and attendance can get quite loud and bitter. Perhaps one reason might be that school is a major part of a teenager’s life.

Some parents regrettably go overboard pressuring their children to take the most demanding courses or to the honor roll each term.

3.Household Responsibilities

Have you ever been called lazy, irresponsible, or worse because your room was a pit and your dirty laundry pile threatened to reach the ceiling? Take heart, for you are not alone! Most teenagers say that conflict with parents over household chores ranks near the top of the list of teenage problems. It almost seems universal.

4. Dating

Dating has become a kind of conflict between parents and teenagers nowadays. Parents and teenagers often differ on the proper time to begin dating. Parents often fear the new situations that arise when their sons and daughters begin dating.

Have you ever fought with your parents over who you are going out with? Do you find your parents are cool to your choice of dates or even hostile? If so, you are not alone.

5. Values, Expectations

Conflicts over values, beliefs, and expectations rank high on the list of teenage or parent concerns. When parents or teenagers with greatly differing values are put together conflict arises. Parents tend to place a high premium on family time and togetherness: things like eating together, family vacations and family unity.

Teenagers on the other hand place a higher value on being with friends and being involved in their own activities. The result is a conflict which ultimately leads to teen stress.

Is that Teen relationship get acceptance easily?

Teenage life is full of enthusiasm somehow with diverted mind and lot of distractions. Media influences or peer group pressures provoke the teens to get involved in relationships. Teenagers carrying fake identity with a confused mind crossing the boundaries of friendship get involve into relationships which can be termed as “Infatuation” not the real love.

Somehow when this illusion breaks the teens face the reality with a heavy breakup. For some teenagers, it’s not easy to get out of such feelings, as a result, the teens become stressed, depressed, lonely and isolated.

How the Teens can make their relationship better?

  • Give your relationship some time: If your relationship is not working as per your expectations then give some time in your relationship. Time will show whether to quit or try harder and also this will make you feel whether you have been drawn together by mutual affection or because you just don’t want to be alone.


  • Be honest in your relationship: Honesty is the key to lead a successful relationship. If you don’t like someone, don’t use her or string him along. Cheating on each other can really cause a great pain. If you have decided to date someone else, have the decency to tell your partner first.


  • Give space to your relationship: A good relationship works because each person wants to be involved in it. Every relation needs some space. Relationships that don’t recognize this become suffocating and quickly end. If your relationship is real, your times apart will make the times together even better.


  • Be sure to communicate regularly: The teens generally try to avoid or delay such talks which can hurt each other but that can lead to stressful situations because sooner or later problems must be faced. This generally happens either due to lack of trust in a relationship or because of fake identity. Any relationship that lasts is based on trust and open communication.

  Teen Stress can be reduced by using some strategies in your life. Getting out of stress is totally healthy and for the wellbeing of an individual. Get some time and follow some tips to keep yourself stress-free.






Tips to Reduce Stress

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Avoid unhealthy food and sleep habits.
  • Get out of your fantasy world and face the reality in your relationships.
  • Do meditation to keep yourself calm and stress-free.
  • Keep yourself real and genuine. Carry your true self.
  • Try to occupy your mind in doing something positive.
  • Take solutions for the mind conflicts.
  • Have a better and open communication with your near and dear ones.
  • Carry always a positive attitude.
  • Always believe yourself first than others.

Remember stress is something which you keep within yourself. Come out with your problems, try to open yourself. Don’t be a victim of stress. Teens especially need to understand this fact, the more you hide your stress within you, the more you will be inclined towards depression, loneliness, and isolation.

I am sure reading this article will definitely make you think about this from right now!








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